we aim high

We are Johnson City’s first aerial arts studio.

We are a collective of teachers who have been teaching dance, yoga, and aerial dance for decades. We offer a full range of classes in aerial yoga, fabric, trapeze, and lyra, as well as floor yoga and creative movement classes.

We place an emphasis on working safely so that you can learn the art of flying confidently at your own pace.

Our goal is to lift your spirits and let you soar.

Are you:

A dancer, yogi, climber, athlete, gymnast, HUMAN BEING?

We all have infinite potential. Aerial teaches you mental and physical discipline. You will build strength and flexibility, increase your overall health, learn to focus your mind, and discover a whole new way to express your ideas, emotions, and SELF. Let’s face it, this is about as much fun as you can have! (Ages 12+) 

A veteran?

Aerial offers a unique combination of thrill-a-minute adrenaline rush, intensive mental focus, relaxation, workout, and teamwork that has a special appeal to those who have served in the armed forces. You may be surprised how much you can laugh and let go.

 A senior?

Check out our yoga and aerial classes. These classes will help to keep you strong and supple, improve your sense of balance, and get your blood moving!

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Come fly with us…come laugh with us….discover your potential.

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