Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga is a marriage of ground yoga and aerial dance equipment that brings the benefits of both to an expanded practice.  Azure aerial yoga combines the flow of vinyasa yoga with the support and extra extension possible using the fabric to give students a deeper stretch, support in inversions, and a new perspective on familiar yoga poses.The aerial hammocks sit about 2-3 feet off the ground, are very stable and safe, and encourage the use of more core and upper body muscles in yoga poses. Leaning into the fabric during poses like lunge, allow students to stretch deeper and strengthen more core and stabilizing muscles through the legs and hips as well.

The difference between floor and aerial yoga is a bit like the difference between using nautalis or free weights: you use more muscles to stabilize using the hammock just like you would using free weights.

Yoga explores the balance between strength and flexibility. Aerial yoga lifts that exploration to a higher level–literally!

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